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化学品暴露风险分析研究室,主要从事有毒化学品的环境暴露分析以及环境风险评估研究。近5年承担国家自然科学基金项目、国家高技术研究发展计划(863)项目及其它各类科研项目20余项。在“Environ. Sci. Technol.”等高水平期刊发表SCI论文70余篇,申请发明专利9项。

研究方向:(1) 新型及痕量环境污染物的分析;(2)有毒污染物快速分析新方法、新技术;(3)有机污染物的环境光化学行为;(4) 有机污染物环境迁移转化研究。

The research works of Chemical Exposure Risk Analysis Group mainly focus on the analysis and assessment of the contamination levels, environmental fate and risks of toxic chemicals. During the last five years, the group has carried out over 20 national and other projects, published over 70 SCI-indexed papers and applied for 9 invention patents.

The main research fields include: (1) Analysis of novel and trace environmental pollutants; (2) New methods and techniques for fast detection of toxic pollutants; (3) Environmental photochemical behavior of organic pollutants; (4) Environmental fate of organic pollutants.



发展了一种基于单壁半导体碳纳米管的无标记免疫电阻传感器,用于水中痕量微囊藻毒素的快速检测。该方法不需要任何标记步骤、灵敏度高、选择性好,整个分析过程可在1 h内完成,具有重要应用前景。




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